The Book Bank Foundation

The original mission of The Book Bank Foundation was to promote and advocate literacy by providing books and other literature to underprivileged children and adult members of our community. Over time that mission has expanded to include challenges such as providing underprivileged children and their families with resources for combating abuse, hunger and homelessness. They accomplish their goals by using motivational speaking, providing models of positive behavior and resourceful thinking, encouraging scholastic achievement as well as utilizing various programs and events to stimulate self-esteem, academic achievement, future goal setting, and stories of achievement in every community that they address.

The foundation is committed to the community and focused on the betterment of tomorrow’s future, our children. Their vision is to decrease the number of illiterate by providing sound and innovative ways of promoting learning, social awareness and individual prosperity. This is possible with your help.


Atlanta Office
Address: 2625 Piedmont Road Suite NE 56-290, Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: 516-345-0284
Facebook: @TheBookBankFoundation