SFTS Original Campaign

My name is Barbara Tucker aka “The Queen of House Music” and I trust this fundraiser finds you safe and well. On the behalf of the Book Bank Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization I come to you with a project that is dear to our hearts: the plight and suffering of our homeless community.


As I travel around the world I have seen homeless people who are in need of help and I ………

As a member of the BOOK BANK FOUNDATION, a national organization that creates and implements community projects that supports and empowers the homeless community, it is my goal to allocate as many additional resources to invest in this vital project, providing various opportunities to a terribly undeserved population.

Their flagship project, “Shelter from the Streets,” is a volunteer day trip that takes place during the Christmas season that stops at multiple shelters in the tri-state area and mentors homeless families while providing much needed items such as coats, toys, food, blankets and more.

I am hoping you will join us and become a donor for this endeavor because we need your assistance in fulfilling this goal. Together we may not be able to save the whole world in a day, but we can save one person at a time with your help.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. We all deeply appreciate your generosity on assisting us with this great endeavor to drastically improve people’s lives.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Tucker

Book Bank Foundation

BSTAR Music Group

The 2018 21st annual Shelter from the Streets is going to be special, and that is where we are asking for help. There are three parts to this year’s project:


1. Recording a song consisting of 15 or more house artists.The finished recording will be downloadable with the proceeds going toward the building of the Book Bank Foundation along with additional supplies and resources.

2. Securing the location for the live fundraiser concert with the WE CAN HEAL choir, including their special featured guest artists.

3. Securing the bus that will transport the volunteers to the variousshelters in the greater New York area. Once at the proper location, the volunteers will then be handing out supplies and additional resources, inspirational messages and songs to those in need.

We Can Heal Choir

“I love bringing artist together for the sake of love” – Barbara Tucker

Get ready for some rejoicing for a great cause when the “WE CAN HEAL HOUSE CHOIR” and Guests comes to NYC.

Charlotte Doreen Small | Vanessa Cooper-Honore | Charlene Blair | Paris Hairston | Aaron K Gray | Aaron Williams | Zhana Roiya | Cinnamon Brown | Mitch Matlock | David Walker |Karen Bernod

The House/Dance community vocalists participate in joining in sharing their voice as part of the We CAN Heal Choir.

A live recording session will be held on November 10th in NYC and you can get a copy of the recording as from one of our reward levels for the campaign. Make sure you’re in the house when we lift up our voices on strong> and at scheduled performances during the Book Bank Bus distribution tour.



This Is A 5 Borough Bus Tour That Is Providing Clothing, Food, Books, Toys, Love, Joy, Ministry & More Needed Supplies to New Yorkers Who Are Homeless. A day of bringing joy to others that is filled with heartfelt love.

We laugh; we smile, sing and sometimes cry on the inside. ….



The Book Bank Foundation is a literacy-based organization geared towards inner-city youth. With chapters in New York, Atlanta, Charlotte and Los Angeles, The Book Bank Foundation places a year around focus on the serious issue of homeless families, children and the destitute. Since its inception the BBF has directly aided hundreds of thousands of people in need through clothing distribution, medical supervision and counseling. www.thebbf.org