How It Works

[tabby title=”About Us”] was developed specifically to service artists, fans, event planners, entertainers, venues and promoters all on one crowdfunding platform. It was designed as a win-win for all. We provide a platform for our Campaign Owners to raise funds in order to book artists, secure venues and to cover any other event related costs. You will be able to raise the initial funds needed to get your next event going with the financial support of those willing and ready to attend. Additional funds can be raised at the door, bar, food and various other means at the actual event.

Campaign Management

With our campaign management services you will not go at it alone. When using our services you will find a dedicated group willing and ready to support you. We become a member of your team as you seek to raise funds for your next function, ideas and causes.

Our website is the platform to use to connect with artists, entertainers their network of fans and a community of backers who have an interest in seeing campaigns succeed. Whatever needs you have to raise funds in the art, dance, music and entertainment industry you can expect to find a “unified front” here on

[tabby title=”Crowdfunding”]

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the BEST alternative to traditional financing!

· No loan application
· No credit checks
· No interest
· No payments

The concept is simple. A large group of people- “the crowd”- would fund small amounts of money which accumulates into a donation or contribution large enough to finance a cause, idea, expansion or a start-up company. Crowdfunding is based on the principle of crowdsourcing. Together many people would contribute a little to reach a big goal.

For example, President Obama set numerous fundraising records during his 1st term election from “the crowd” donating small amounts as low as $1.00 to his presidential campaign. He raised $137 million dollars by using crowdfunding!

How does Crowdfunding work?

1. You present an idea or cause.

After registering for FREE you fill out our online campaign information form. We will review it and once approved we will post your crowdfunding campaign page. You then can begin to market it and raise funds.

Why are campaigns reviewed by our staff prior to going live?

1. We review all campaigns prior to going live and provide you with a FREE brief summary overview.
2. We also want to make sure the content is suitable for our website.
3. We are part of your team and want to help you be successful.

2. You set your target goal.

You set a goal for the amount of money you would like to raise and a deadline for reaching the goal. We offer two types of campaigns:

1. All or Nothing – If the goal is not met by the set date, then none of the Crowdfunders will be charged and the project owner will not receive any money.
2. Flexible Funding – If the goal is not met by the set date, you will still receive the funds donated to date. The donor’s credit cards, Stripe (our payment gateway) and our fees will be charged.

There are 4 types of Crowdfunding models:

1. Donations: Donors give money for a cause or event, with no expectation of anything in return.
2. Rewards and Incentives: In this model, the person or business trying to raise money offers a reward to those who contributed. “It might be a T-shirt, or they might pre-buy your product.
3. Lending: Borrowers get loans funded by “the crowd.” This model includes peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and microfinance platforms. Individuals can lend as little as $25 to entrepreneurs around the world.
4. Equity Model: A business raises equity (investment capital) from
an individual or institutional investors.

Rewards and Incentives are set.

Our platform runs on the following models: Rewards, Incentives and Donations. You will set rewards for various pledge levels in order to entice funders to donate to your campaign.

3. You showcase the concept.

As the campaign owner, you want to tell everyone about the campaign you are setting up. Your goal is to get people to donate to your campaign. You must be ready to tell them how great your endeavor or cause is and convince them that they should help you fund it.

There are three ways to showcase your concept:

A. Tell A Compelling Story: A story sticks when it is understandable and makes a connection with your potential donors. Why is your campaign special and why should people contribute to it? What do the contributors get out of it?

B. Pictures: Using pictures is the easiest way show your concept and to provide updates throughout the campaign.

C. Video: A video improves your chances of showcasing your concept and getting potential donors by as much as 80%. The idea is created by the project owner in order to show off the idea and prove that it is really something they are working on and that they are who they say they are.

4. The campaign launches.

Your campaign is now ready to enter the crowdsourcing community and will hopefully intrigue potential donors to contribute for it to become a reality. Crowdfunding IS ALL ABOUT MARKETING; you tell EVERYONE about your campaign.

Your campaign run is a commitment! It’s like running for president. Relaxing and waiting for something to happen is not an option! After reaching out to your own network, try to get the attention of the (local) media to spread the word even more. Contacting and connecting with a large group of potential donors means more than money. You need to build strong relationships with individuals (friends, family, colleagues, fans and, hopefully, strangers who just love your idea) who can also help you in
other ways to make your campaign a success.

5. Campaign updates.

Donors must be updated on the progress of the campaign. They need to be kept abreast on how things are going. Don’t keep them in the dark; you need their continued support!

6. Funds are received.

When the campaign meets or exceeds its crowdfunding goal, the money will be given to the campaign’s owner less the websites posting fee and credit card processing fee.

[tabby title=”Our Users”]

Who Are Our Website Users?

1. Artists & Entertainers – Local, national and internationally known personalities with a large fan base

2. Campaign Owners – Crowdfund to book celebrities, secure venues and more for their upcoming events

3. Venues – Crowdfund to bring a entertainer or celebrity to their establishment

4. Events Industry – Promoters, booking agents, managers, publicist

5. Fans – Who donate, support and receive perks, benefits, access to celebrities and giveaways from our “Give Back Program” platform offers artists and campaign owners the opportunity to reach their goals by showcasing their campaigns in front of fans willing, ready and able to show their support by donating money in return for great rewards and incentives.

[tabby title=”Why Us”]

What Makes Us Unique?

1. We offer complimentary use of our platform to charities and fundraisers for great causes

2. Our campaign consulting and management services

3. Our ability to develop custom campaign pages which includes:

a. Campaign page ad sponsors

b. Online & offline events; fundraisers, parties, raffles

c. Campaign page chat rooms

d. Campaign polls

e. Contests and more

4. Our “give-back” program for charities and causes

5. Our FREE Summary Reports and Review for all campaigns

We are always “Thinking-Out-Of-The Box” to present you with a platform built on substance and value. We believe there is no need to just follow the crowdfunding industry but to enhance it.

[tabby title=”Our Fees”]

Our fees for use of our platform, maintenance and campaign management services:

1. Free for charities and causes.

2. 10% for “flexible” (what you make, you keep) campaigns

3. 10% for successful “all or nothing” campaigns

Our campaign management fee is based on a case-by-case scenario. If you make use of our campaign management services there is a one-time $159.00 set-up, admin and maintenance fee. All campaigns include a FREE summary review report.