UN -THE UNDERGROUND NETWORK (HOUSE MUSIC LEGEND) started in 1992 in New York City @ a nightclub called Savage/Elite. It was created out of the need to bring the dance community together by showcasing artists for major & indie-labels. The enormous talents of singers, DJ’s song writers, record producers, musicians & dancers were being used but always in the shadow of so-called main stream music. We decided to dedicate one night per week as the first Dance Music Industry Night ever created.

The UN has been involved with many charitable events and fundraisers including:

Boy Scouts Of America (Inner City Camp Fund)
Haitian Hurricane Relief
Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
Gwen McCrae Cancer Relief Fund
FMU Scholarship Program
Majory Smarth Cancer Relief Fund
Willi Ninja Cancer Relief Fund
GMAC Fundraiser
Mother Hale (Harlem) Childrens Toy Drives