UN Music Cares crowdfunding platform was developed specifically to service artists, fans, event planners, entertainers, promoters and venues. It was designed as a win-win for all. We provide a platform for our Campaign Owners to raise funds in order to book artists, secure venues, marketing and promotion and/or to any other event related cost. You will be able to raise the initial funds needed to get your next event going with the assistance of those willing and ready to attend. Additional funds can be raised at the door, bar, food and various other means at the actual event.

What Makes Us Different

With our campaign management services you do not have to go at it alone. When using our services you will find a dedicated partner willing and ready to support your efforts. We become a member of your team as you seek to raise funds for your next function, ideas and causes.

Our website is the platform to use to connect with artists, entertainers their network of fans and a community of backers who have an interest in seeing campaigns succeed. Whatever needs you have to raise funds you can expect to find a “unified front” here on

What Services We Bring To The Table

* Team of Crowdfunding Professionals
* Street Team
* Graphics Designer
* Website Development
* Marketing and Promotion