Crowdfund Start

Congratulations, you’re ready to raise funds by starting your campaign. You reviewed all related info on the “About” and “How It Works” pages. You have a great event and individuals anxious on seeing your campaign page and being your initial backers. Now it’s time to let them and others know why they should fund your campaign.

Please review all fields in the form below before starting to fill out your campaign. Make sure you have the required input info at hand and ready to enter. You can not save a draft and must enter and complete it in its entirety. When you are satisfied and ready to have your campaign go public and start getting funded, click the ‘Submit Campaign’. We will then review, contact you and then publish your campaign.

After your campaign goes live, you can still change or update it by contacting us including your goal, deadline, and any rewards and incentives. Except those already claimed or pledged by a backer.

Private Campaigns & Custom Url:

If you would like a Custom URL or to run a Private Password Protected Campaign that will only be visible to those you send the campaign page link and password to you must also fill out the form located here: Private Campaign

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