Shelter From The Streets

The Book Bank Foundation’s “Shelter from the Streets” campaign seeks to provide new clothing, medication, shoes, books and words of inspiration for the less fortunate throughout the streets of New York City, Atlanta, Ohio, Louisiana & Mississippi. Annually we go through the five boroughs, into shelters, into train stations, under bridges and bus stations to serve the undeserved. Each year we collect donations of new products for the homeless, for children as well as those who have been subject to domestic violence.

During the holiday seasons we motivate, inspire and provide an environment of Hope using influential public figures such as Musicians, Entertainers, Authors, Professional Athletes and Actors/Actress who give testimonies of hardship and identify with the obstacles of everyday life.

“Shelter From The Streets” Bus Tour. We Are Serving Love, Light & Solutions To Overcoming Poverty. As We Distribute Much Needed Items For The Lost, The Lonely & The Forgotten.